Fines 'do not tackle bad driving'

Research has revealed that fixed penalty notices are not very popular among motorists, with only 15% considering them as the right approach to tackle careless driving.

Some 40% of 1,900 people polled by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), said they thought careless motorists should be made to complete compulsory driver training.

Meanwhile, 33% believed verbal advice from a police officer was the most effective method to address the issue of careless driving.

A whopping 90% of those who participated in the survey by the road safety charity thought people should be allowed to choose between paying for driver improvement training and penalty points.

Nearly eight in 10 (77%) of respondents thought police should seize vehicles from serious offenders, while 59% believed all disqualified motorists should be made to take their driving test again.

People who are caught driving carelessly currently face a fine, a court appearance and could even be banned from the road. Such penalties would no doubt lead to a hefty increase in their futurecar insurancepremiums.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said: "The vast majority of crashes are caused by driver error, they are not deliberate - fining drivers is punitive and does not improve driving skills.

"Driver quality is the key issue in improving road safety and this poll recognises that driving is a skill that needs refreshing and updating."

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