Fine threat over leaving engine on

Fine threat over leaving engine on

Drivers in Nottingham who sit in their cars with their engines running may be fined, under new plans introduced by the city council.

Community Protection Officers (CPOs) will be given additional powers to hand out fixed penalty notices ranging from £50 to £300 for a variety of offences.

Other activities that may result in fines are leaving rubbish bins on the street and smoking in a non-smoking zone.

The council's chief anti-social behaviour officer Richard Antcliff said of the CPOs' new powers: "They are uniformed officers, they fit under the police banner. They are effectively seconded back into the police. They have always had fixed penalty notice powers for things such as graffiti and littering. What we have given them is some more powers."

He added that although the powers mean any driver who leaves their engine running could be fined, it has been introduced to deal with a specific problem with taxi drivers.

Mr Antcliff said: "What we have found is that at key times the taxi bays will get filled and then the taxis will start to wait on the road itself, causing blockages. It's about communication and being proportionate with it, so first we ask taxi drivers to move on, but if they didn't there is this power."

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