Film shows danger to roadworkers

TV presenter Nick Ross has lent his voice to a short film highlighting the dangers posed to roadworkers by careless drivers.

The film, called Respect, is being used to launch a campaign to cut the number of deaths of and injuries to roadworkers each year.

Between 2003 to 2007, 10 roadworkers were killed and more than 80 seriously injured while operating on England's motorways and major A roads.

Developed on behalf of the UK Road Worker Safety Forum and of the Government road safety campaign THINK!, the film features a scene in which a car collides with a roadworker. It also shows a car crashing through a busy classroom and an operating theatre during surgery.

Nick Ross said: "Driving quickly through roadworks might not seem like a problem from inside your vehicle, but it's frighteningly quick if you're working on the carriageway, and careless driving represents a terrible danger to roadworkers."

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