Figures reveal nation’s worst learner drivers

Figures reveal nation’s worst learner drivers
New official figures reveal how many times some of the nation’s worst learner drivers have attempted their practical and theory tests.

The data shows that one 38-year-old man from Liverpool had to repeat his practical 39 times before finally passing.

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old woman sat her theory test a staggering 113 times at a centre in north-east London.

Incredibly, another candidate at the same centre in Illford takes second place in the dubious roll of honour, having taken his theory 107 times.

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The figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Association (DVSA) apply to England and list the top 20 repeat candidates for both practical and theory tests.

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Together the drivers have tried to take their practical more than 700 times.

Two learners in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, and Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, both had 36 goes at their practical.

Middlesbrough appears to be a particular black spot, with one learner taking their practical 35 times, and another 34.

The DVSA findings come after one teenage learner driver managed to pass his test despite hitting and killing a deer midway through.

The practical exam lasts around 40 minutes and tests candidates’ ability to drive safely in different conditions.

It costs £62 for cars, meaning England’s worst learners are likely to have shelled out thousands of pounds between them on repeat tries.

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In the theory test, learners must answer a series of multiple choice questions before being asked to spot hazards in a video exam.

Learners need to pass both tests before they can get their licence and drive independently.

Concerns have now been raised from the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) over whether learners should be able to have so many attempts at their tests.

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Olivia Baldock-Ward, training manager at the DIA, said: “There is the issue of whether people who are failing the theory test 100 times should be allowed to try again and again. There is an issue of road safety here.

“On average, people might need two or three goes at passing the tests. If it is much more than that, then there may be other issues involved.”

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