Fifth of vehicles stolen are bikes

While motorcycle thefts declined over the past four years, their proportion of all vehicles stolen increased, figures have shown.

According to police, the number of motorcycles stolen dropped from 26,608 in 2006 to 21,928 in 2010, but bikes accounted for one-fifth (21.69%) of all vehicle thefts last year.

According to the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), several factors could be held responsible for the trend.

Spending cuts by the government and decline in police resources prevent motorcycle thefts to be investigated properly, MAG said.

Moreover, the group said that most local councils do not provide riders with fixtures for chaining their vehicles, and even riders sometimes fail to take precautions.

Motorcycle manufactures have not equipped motorcycles with anti-theft measures in the same way as car manufacturers have done, MAG recognised.

Bike insurance payouts are usually not enough to compensate for the monetary loss to the victims, particularly when the loss of a no claims bonus is considered, MAG added.

The action group said that the loss of a motorcycle can be a traumatic experience for an owner.

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