Fiat releases rare Panda in the UK

Fiat releases rare Panda in the UK

Fiat is introducing a limited edition of its current generation Panda 4x4 this spring.

The Italian manufacturer, which is restricting production to 300, will launch the "Antartica" to celebrate the landmark of 500,000 sales over 30 years.

The special version, due for release in March, will cost £14,895 and includes additional standard features plus some unique design perks.

The new model will be available in white while the car's outstanding features include a black roof, orange detailing and 15-inch (38.1cm) alloy wheels.

The black and orange theme extends to the Panda's interior, courtesy of corresponding upholstery.

Standard apparatus levels are high, with the kit list extending to air conditioning, stability control, an electronic locking differential (ELD), especially tuned suspension, mud-and-snow tyres and durable bodywork safeguarding.

The oomph will either come from Fiat's award-winning 85 horsepower TwinAir petrol engine or a 75 horsepower turbo diesel system.

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