Fewer speed cameras 'worry drivers'

Speed cameras which were deactivated in certain areas of the UK to cut Government spending might increase the number of road offenders, many motorists fear.

According to a study by RoadPilot, 66% of drivers are afraid that with no way to catch lawbreakers, safety on the roads could be a major issue.

The coalition Government, which disabled 3% of speed cameras in a move to save money, might have to deal with road users disobeying rules in the near future.

With fewer devices remaining to detect speeding, other motorists are worried about their safety while driving.

James Flynn, OBE, chief executive, RoadPilot, said: "In the wake of recent announcements that some camera partnerships are deactivating or reviewing the level of speed detection equipment in their region, drivers need to be even more aware of the road's speed limits and alert to other motorists.

"Allowing motorists to prepare for changes in the speed limit or upcoming speed cameras aids road safety. Speed camera detection systems such as RoadPilot Mobile alert users to cameras via audio alerts, as well as displaying the specific road's speed limit."

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