Few consumers 'willing to buy EVs'

Even though the interest in electric vehicles is growing due to rising fuel prices, it might be some time before they become popular on the road, research has indicated.

A survey by business advisory firm Deloitte found that only 16% of consumer said they would possibly buy or lease an EV, while more than half (53%) of those questioned said they might consider the prospect of buying one.

Around a third (31%) said they are not likely to own an electric vehicle, the poll of 4,760 European consumers found.

David Raistrick, automotive partner and head of manufacturing at Deloitte UK, commented: "There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry.

"However, while interest in electric vehicles is growing, with 69% of respondents willing to consider an EV today, current market offerings generally fall far short of consumers' expectations for driving range, charging time, and purchase price."

More than half (57%) of consumers interested in buying an EV said they expect the vehicle to cost either less or the same as a regular car. Only a quarter (24%) of the same group are willing to pay extra for an EV.

David Raistrick added: "However, a bright note for the UK is that it appears from our research that UK consumers are more willing to pay a premium for electric vehicles than their counterparts in other European countries."

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