Festive pudding warning for drivers

Some Christmas puddings could contain high amount of alcohol, putting drivers who over indulge in such sugary treats at risk of being over the drink-drive limit, research reveals.

Halfords has warned that drivers consuming too many of these desserts will have to be careful not to go over the limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.

The car accessories retailer showed that people eating puddings high in alcohol content could end up unwittingly over the limit.

It also gave an example of a dessert, in a new cookbook by ex-model turned chef Lorraine Pascal, which contained 150ml of alcohol.

If the dessert is eaten alongside another containing 50ml of alcohol, drivers would end up drink driving as it is over the legal limit.

Drink driving convictions may prevent motorists from getting good car insurance cover for their vehicles.

Paul Fensome, Halfords Travel Solutions product manager, said: "Experts recommend no more than four units for men and three for women if you're driving, but our advice is always not to drink.

"A three-course Christmas lunch with all the trimmings may contain alcohol in many of the dishes.

"So much, in fact, that it may only take a small glass of wine before drivers can no longer drive safely or legally."

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