Festivals no picnic for motorists

Festival goers could add up to 100 miles to their journey unnecessarily as they try to find their destination, new research from the RAC has revealed.

The news comes as revellers gear up for Glastonbury this week, with nearly two thirds (65%) of drivers surveyed admitting they will probably get lost on their way to a festival this summer. And the average festival motorist is set to drive aimlessly around the countryside for 13.5 miles in search of their campsite.

At last year's Glastonbury Festival, the RAC came to the rescue of more than 400 breakdown calls and is set to increase the number of patrols in the area this year by ten times.

"Every year hundreds of motorists need our assistance due to flat batteries, broken exhausts and getting stuck in the mud," Dave Bennett, RAC patrol at Glastonbury, said. "Last year we even helped a group of Batmen in their broken-down 'Batmobile' get up and running again!"

He warned that, with fuel prices at an all-time high, it is even more important this year for motorists to plan their journeys better - both to avoid wasting fuel when lost, and also to prevent congestion on the roads.

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