Ferry couple leave mother in Dover

A couple heading off on a ferry trip to France were left panic stricken half way across the Channel after discovering that their elderly mother was still in the car park in Dover.

The couple, thought to be from Merseyside, alerted Port of Dover Police to the fact that their mother was still in the car in a multi-storey car park.

Police officers found the woman where she had been accidentally left and gave her a drink before her relatives came back to get her.

Port of Dover Police' s newsletter for March made a special mention of the incident, which was similar to the film Home Alone in which Kevin is mistakenly abandoned by his parents over the Christmas period.

The newsletter reads: "And finally, an unusual telephone request for assistance was received in the Police Control Room from a couple who were on board a ferry that had just left Dover advising that they had forgotten that their elderly mother was still in their car that they had parked in the multi-storey car park ahead of their day trip.

"Officers located the vehicle and ensured the safety and welfare of the elderly lady until her 'grown-up' children returned several hours later ...".

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