Ferrari unveils new service plan

Ferrari has introduced a new free maintenance scheme for owners of its luxury supercars.

The Ferrari Genuine Maintenance programme will be available with all new Ferrari California, 458 Italia and FF models.

It includes free maintenance of the car for the first seven years, irrespective of mileage and covering all standard items in the service schedule.

If the Ferrari is sold during the period, the scheme will be transferred along with the car ownership.

Owners of the cars are typically expected to take up one annual service under the programme, which is available only at official Ferrari service centre network.

Since there is no mileage restriction, the cars can be serviced more than once a year - for example if they reach service intervals by mileage of every 20,000km or 12,500miles.

Ferrari is hoping the scheme will ensure that the car remains in prime shape over the period, meaning higher resale values for owners.

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