Ferrari heads for pole position

A recession-powered Formula One economy drive will not stop Ferrari putting the need for speed on pole position - or driver Felipe Massa, ditto.

He has given the new F60 race car his seal of approval after blasting round the Mugello race track in the workup to the first GP of the season in March.

He was particularly taken with the new kinetic energy recovery system, although he described it as "taking a bit of getting used to".

The system is designed to make overtaking easier, and thus appeal to race fans at a time when the sport is looking to make itself more accessible - and cost efficient.

Uppermost on the minds of governing body FIA and the Formula One Teams' Association are the effects of the global financial meltdown on sponsorship and cash flow.

Says Ferrari director Stefano Domenicali: "We have to remember that Formula One has a duty towards standard cars. We have lost sight of this in recent years, having gone to extremes. But for Ferrari, this is especially important."

And Massa? "The mood inside the team is pretty good and I have to say I feel a very positive atmosphere in all sectors of the team," he commented.

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