Female motorists say no to glasses

Many female drivers are putting themselves at risk by not wearing their prescribed glasses while at the wheel, it has been revealed.

A total of 11% of the women polled said they been involved in an accident or a near miss in the last year as a result of a lack of vision.

Around one in six female motorists do not wear their glasses for driving with 10% admitting they feel embarrassed by unfashionable spectacles.

As many as 34% said they felt self-conscious in glasses while 26% said they had opted for fashion sunglasses over prescription spectacles while driving at least once.

Just 15% of the women polled always kept a spare pair of glasses in their car, while 6% reckoned they could get away with not wearing glasses at all when going on short journeys.

More than half (55%) admitted to slowing down to read road signs, while 42% have relied on passengers to read signs for them.

Women drivers in Northern Ireland were particularly bad at driving without glasses, with 50% of those who should be wearing them not doing so. Welsh women were the best at wearing glasses while at the wheel.

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