Fears over 'tweeting and driving'

A new social internet craze called Twitter has been blamed for creating the dangerous practice of "tweeting and driving".

Networking site Twitter allows people to update an online page with snippets of information about their day via their mobile phone. It has been a huge hit, with stars like Chris Moyles and Stephen Fry getting involved.

However, insurers and motoring groups have discovered that a number of motorists are now updating their pages while at the wheel of their car.

Despite laws against using mobile phones while driving, some are even boasting about "tweeting and driving" on their internet pages.

A survey by insurance company esure found that as many as 9% of motorists are using mobile internet services while driving.

One motorist told Twitter: "I'm driving with my knees and peeling an orange - probably not the safest thing to be doing."

Another said: "Irresponsible twitter driving, woo!", while another boasted: "Driving up to Newcastle while we Tweet."

The survey of 1,000 motorists also showed that while 92% knew it was illegal to use a hand-held mobile while driving, as many as 45% still sent text messages and made calls while at the wheel.

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