Fears over new vehicle check rules

Concerns have been raised over proposed new rules on vehicle checks to be implemented across Europe from next year.

A radical revamp of the MoT test will form part of the new guidelines, as a result of which motorists might end up with potentially large bills to repair electronic stability control (ESC) systems on their vehicles.

The Department for Transport's road worthiness tests will also check equipment like seat adjustment motors and factory-fitted tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), as part of the new guidelines.

ESC is supposed to become a mandatory feature within new cars from November of next year, when the MOT rules come into force.

The new rules will impose a further burden on motorists who are already reeling under rising costs of car insurance and fuel, say experts.

Auto Express news and features editor Julie Sinclair said: "It's about time the MoT got tougher.

"But repair costs for these important safety features need to come down or we'll end up with a nation divided by those motorists than can afford to be safe on the road, and those that can't."

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