Family holiday drive 'stressful'

Car journeys are the most stressful part of the family holiday for most parents, a survey has found.

A poll found that children typically get bored just short of an hour into a drive, with the familiar "are we nearly there yet?" being heard after around one hour and 18 minutes.

Meanwhile, calls for a break are made just two hours in, the survey by Halfords Autocentres shows.

More than two thirds of parents said their children are the cause of rows, which take on average two hours, 25 minutes to boil over during the journey.

The majority of drivers said the drive to their holiday destination would be the longest they make during the year and with more and more people are choosing to holiday in the UK this year, the roads are likely to be getting busier.

People would be well advised to ensure they have suitablebreakdown cover in place before setting off on their journeys, which will at least take some stress out of a break, should the worst happen.

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