Family face court over mileage scam

Four members of one family are among a group of people due to face court after a major probe into the illegal winding back of car mileages.

Known as 'clocking', the scam sees people buying cars with high levels of miles on the clock and artificially - and illegally - reducing the mileage, increasing a car's value. It means the cars are more likely to give owners cause to reach for theirbreakdown cover earlier than they might expect.

Five people are due to face Darlington Magistrates' Court on April 26 charged with conspiracy to defraud over the investigation, which focused on Darlington.

The group - aged between 26 and 60 - are accused of 'clocking' that translates into about £400,000 profit.

The family members are a man, 60, from Burtree Lane in Darlington; his two sons - aged 33 and 26 - from Lancaster and Morecambe respectively - and his wife, 46, who is the sons' stepmother. A 29-year-old man is also charged alongside them. He is linked to the family and his last known address was a Lancaster caravan park.

The majority of the cars involved were sold for cash from a site on Albert Hill Industrial Estate. In most cases they were found to be clocked after new owners had them serviced and the mileage was compared with records from the last service.

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