Fall in the number of road deaths

A report from the Department for Transport has highlighted a fall in the number of people who lost their lives on roads this spring.

Provisional Government figures showed a 16% decline in the number of people killed on British roads between April and June to 470. This compares with the figure recorded in the same period last year.

The number of those killed or seriously injured (KSI) was 6% down at 6,620, while slight injuries dropped 3% to 46,480.

The overall casualty figure - including all deaths and all injuries - was 53,100, which is 3% down on the April-June 2009 total.

Casualty rates for all types of road user fell in the period, except for pedal cyclists, among whom KSIs increased 5% to 850 and total casualties were up 5%.

Child casualties (deaths and injuries to those aged under 16) were down 2%, although the provisional figures showed that child pedestrian KSIs totalled 470 in April-June 2010 compared with 469 in the same period last year.

Total child pedestrian casualties rose 2% to 2,210.

The biggest dip in KSIs this spring was for car users, with the number killed or seriously injured falling 12% to 2,350.

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