Extra funding to repair potholes

Local authorities in England will be provided with an extra £100 million to repair potholes caused by last year's freezing conditions.

The Department for Transport (DfT) will offer the cash in addition to the £831 million already given to councils for road maintenance this year and the Government's funding commitment of £3 billion over the next four years.

The road network suffered due to heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures in December.

Damage on road surfaces also leads to an increase in car insurance claims as vehicles suffer damage driving over them.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said: "Millions of motorists across the country have their daily drives ruined by potholes and the awful winter weather we had this year is only going to make that problem worse.

"That is why, despite the tough financial position we are in, we are going to give councils over £100 million extra to help carry out much-needed repairs to England's roads."

He added: "I am determined to see the winter damage to our roads fixed as quickly as possible and we will be working with councils to make sure that happens.

"This money should make a real difference to the millions of drivers who are fed up with having to continually battle against dangerous potholes, giving them safer and smoother journeys."

Economies the DfT made earlier in the financial year mean it has the money to provide the extra funding.

Chairman of the Local Government Association's (LGA) economy and transport board Councillor Peter Box said: "It is good news the Government has responded to the concerns of local authorities by agreeing to the LGA's request for extra money to fix potholes caused by unprecedented winter weather."

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