Expert winter driving tips issued

Expert winter driving tips issued

An expert has unveiled a list of top tips for driving in wintry conditions.

Britain's top advanced driver Peter Rodger provides weekly advice through road safety charity the IAM - and with Met Office weather warnings in place he believes now is the time for motorists to think about adapting their driving style for icy conditions.

And as motorists plan for the cold months ahead, it may also be an apt time for them to ensure they have appropriatebreakdown cover in place given the effect on cars of hostile driving conditions during a cold snap.

Among his top winter driving tips, Mr Rodger provides the following advice:

Check the weather before setting off and react to police warnings about closed roads.

Travel with de-icer and a scraper and clean any ice or condensation from all the windows before journeys.

A squirt of WD40 will prevent frozen door locks.

Prevent wheel spin by setting off in second gear, releasing the clutch and accelerating gently and avoiding high revs.

Drive in higher gears and not too fast to remain in control.

Leave plenty of distance from the car in front as stopping distances are increased by up to 10 times in icy conditions.

Lower speed early when on bends, approaching junctions or going downhill, reduce your speed early to retain control and be in a suitable gear before driving through them.

If your car loses grip, take your foot off the accelerator and direct the front wheels where you want to go. If you find yourself in a skid, steer into it.

Keep to the main roads as they are more likely to be gritted.

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