Expert tips for drivers in Germany

Expert tips for drivers in Germany

IAM Drive & Survive chief trainer, Simon Elstow, has offered tips on road laws in Germany, designed for drivers on holiday.

A lower amount of alcohol will take you over the drink drive limit in Germany, he warns. Just 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood is the limit, compared to 80mg in Britain.

When driving in the day people are required to use dipped headlamps or daylight running lamps if the weather is foggy, snowy or rainy and affects road visibility, he also warned.

Meanwhile, the expert said it is recommended people carry a hazard triangle, spare bulbs and basic medical supplies in their boot, even though this is not obligatory for foreigners.

Motorists travelling extensively through Europe are also often advised to take outEuropean breakdown cover .

Mr Elstow recommends that drivers consider the road laws of all the countries they will be driving through, not only those of their primary destination.

He explained: "For instance if you're off to Germany via France, don't forget that from 1 July all drivers and motorcyclists need to carry a pack of two disposable breathalysers to keep the gendarmerie happy."

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