Expert reveals country driving tips

Expert reveals country driving tips

One way to keep down the cost of your car insurance cover and reduce the risk of accidents is taking the advice of a driving training specialist.

IAM Drive & Survive's head of training, Simon Elstow is unveiling a weekly pearl of wisdom, and this week's is driving in the countryside.

He said: "Driving on rural roads requires different skills than driving on urban roads. The unexpected hazards, twisty roads and high speed limits make rural roads tricky, so take extra care and adjust your speed to match how far down the road you can see."

His main point of advice is that sticking to your lane is imperative and with many tight bends this means that breaking into and accelerating out of corners is safest.

He also recognises that the roads may be quite curved in places, with sharp turns around blind bends, but you can use trees or telegraph poles to get an idea of which direction the road takes. Also, changing down a gear before a corner will give you better control.

Another good piece of advice is to take houses or buildings as a warning sign that people may be around and therefore drive with extra caution near them.

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