Expert advice on easier parking

Expert advice on easier parking

Many drivers find parking stressful but following a few basic tips can make it far easier, according to Britain's top advanced driver.

The chief examiner of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Peter Rodger advises drivers to park on the left side of the road where possible and reverse into car park spaces. It is much safer to drive out of spaces in this way and more economical too, as most of the manoeuvring is being done while engines are warm.

Motorists should make frequent checks in mirrors and over the shoulder when parking to make sure they know what is going on around them and those lucky enough to have parking sensors on their cars should not rely on them solely.

While on the look out for a suitable space it is important not to stop suddenly. Drivers should drive past slowly and always drive on if they have traffic behind them, Mr Rodger said.

He said drivers should always leave plenty of room for pedestrians and large vehicles to pass. He also said it is a good idea to park away from supermarket trolley areas to avoid accidental damage.

Mr Rodger's overriding advice is for motorists to park at their own pace. Never feel pressured by holding up other drivers.

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