Exeter named the UK speeding capital

Exeter named the UK speeding capital

Those living in Exeter are more likely to break the legal speed limits than those anywhere else, a new survey suggests.

The Masternaut poll of 2,000 motorists also finds that drivers speed more in a company car than they do in their own vehicle.

The telematics provider's research found that Exeter topped its speedster' league table.

Well over eight in 10 (84%) residents of the Devonian city confessed to breaking speeding laws.

Offenders who are caught exceeding the limit face a minimum three points on their licence plus a fine of £100.

They are also likely to face higher car insurance premiums when their ban expires.

These penalties have not deterred drivers in York though, the survey suggests.

As many as 64.9% of its drivers admit to speeding here, while Leeds (60%), Leicester (58.9%) and Oxford (58.1%) make up the top five.

Cardiff drivers seem to be the most careful with only 23% admitting to breaking speed limits, the report found.

It also showed that nearly one in two Britons who have a driving job admit that they speed when at work.

Masternaut chairman and CEO Martin Hiscox called the speeding results "surprising".

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