EVs 'won't alone cut CO2 emissions'

Use of electric vehicles alone will not make a significant impact on Britain's carbon emissions, a report has warned.

Success would be dependent on more "green" electricity and the resolution of major technical problems, the Royal Academy of Engineering said.

Warning that the country's energy share through renewable and low-carbon generation was one of the lowest in Europe, the report said that the UK would need a range of new low-carbon energy sources to meet its renewables goals and provide an eco-friendly power supply to electric cars.

The report suggested more nuclear power stations, wind farms and tidal barrages as low-carbon energy solutions.

Professor Roger Kemp, from Lancaster University, who chaired the Academy's Electric Vehicles working group, said: "Swapping gas guzzlers for electric vehicles will not solve our carbon emissions problem on its own.

"When most electricity in Britain is still generated by burning gas and coal, the difference between an electric car and a small, low-emission petrol or diesel car is negligible."

According to the report, technology offering economic high energy batteries, practical charging solution to charge electric vehicles and large-scale power distribution network are also needed to bring down the carbon emissions considerably.

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