Eurotunnel sees summer traffic rise

Eurotunnel has reported a surge in holiday traffic this summer, with the number of cars transported through the Channel tunnel in July and August rising 17% from the same period last year.

Passenger shuttles through the Eurotunnel carried 533,238 cars between Folkestone and Calais in the two months, with a record 14,825 cars and 150 coaches transported on August 14.

New records were also set this summer for one-way crossings - with the total vehicles carried from Folkestone reaching 9,382 on July 23 and the numbers for travel in the opposite direction (France to England) hitting 8,869 on August 29.

Eurotunnel, which began its tunnel services in 1994, also transported its 250 millionth passenger on July 21.

The company's commercial director Jo Willacy said: "The intense activity through the summer shows that "Le Shuttle" is the perfect answer to our customers expectations: it is value for money and respectful of the environment.

"Our whole commercial strategy is aimed at increasing our traffic and our performance this summer is an incentive to continue in the same vein."

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