Eurotunnel first for F1's Surtees

Former Formula One giant John Surtees has another record to his name: he is the first person to drive through the Channel Tunnel in a sports car, albeit very slowly.

The champion car and motorcycle racer kept below 31mph along the whole length of the service tunnel in a Ginetta G50EV electric sports car prototype to mark the structure's 15th anniversary.

Eurotunnel opened the service route for the first time for Surtees to drive the prototype made by British car marque Ginetta.

Surtees, who is the only person to win World Championships on two and four wheels, admitted "speed was the last thing involved".

"It was a casual drive, shall we say," he said. "It was the first time for me, and the first time it's actually been carried out. To come through in an electric car was another first."

After arriving in France, Surtees paid tribute to Henry, his 18-year-old son who died after a wheel hit his head during a Formula Two race in July.

"He was a lad who cared about people and was very determined in what he did, and someone who to us was very special," he said.

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