Europeans demand tougher road rules

Tougher rules on drink driving, speeding and traffic offenders should be introduced across Europe, a survey has found.

In a poll of EU member states gauging opinion on current traffic laws, 94% of Europeans thought drink-driving was the most serious threat to responsible road users, followed by speeding.

With many drivers skipping over the channel for a European road trip every summer, foreign police are often forced to deal with ill-prepared drivers who have forgotten to secure adequatecar insurance orEuropean breakdown cover in the event of an emergency.

Their frustrations are shared by fellow road users, 36% of whom would welcome stronger repercussions for both domestic and foreign offenders.

Stricter enforcement of traffic laws is also a high priority for European drivers, with 42% saying they wanted to see traffic officers given better resources for dealing with offenders.

European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas said the findings showed that road safety was still a high priority for people regardless of which country they are from.

"These figures show that Europeans consider road safety to be an important issue," he said.

"Although much progress has already been made in recent years, we agree with our citizens that a lot more could be and should be done."

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