EU proposes 'black boxes' for cars

The European Commission is considering introducing aircraft-style "black boxes" in cars and lorries, under its new strategy to reduce road deaths.

The move is part of the commission's "road safety action programme", intended to halve road deaths in Europe by 2020.

The drive will include proposals to ensure tougher safety standards for cars and lorries, the development of "intelligent" vehicles and the building of safer roads.

A survey by the EU reflected increasing concerns among the people about drunk driving, excessive speed, the use of mobile phones while driving as well as the flouting of seat-belt laws.

EU transport commissioner Siim Kallas said: "One hundred people die every day on Europe's roads. We have made good progress since 2001 and we have succeeded in saving nearly 80,000 lives.

"But the number of fatalities and injuries on our roads is still unacceptable.

"We are looking at what kind of cars motorists drive, where they drive and how they drive, and we want to cut road deaths in half by 2020."

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