Eterniti set for Frankfurt debut

New British luxury car brand Eterniti will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week with a new prototype SUV.

Called Hemera, the new vehicle promises top-class performance, ultimate luxury and customisation.

Eterniti has built the Hemera on an existing SUV platform, giving it performance improvements, revamped interiors and a chassis redesigned for greater strength.

Carbon composite materials used for the body make the Hemera light and strong, while the interior has the space and feel of a luxury limousine.

There is a rear cabin with iPads and a drinks chiller for passengers to travel in style.

Those purchasing the new model will need a comprehensive car insurance policy to cover all the extras included in the vehicle.

Former Le Mans 24 hour winner Alastair MacQueen and former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert have been called in to advise the Eterniti engineering team.

Motorists at Frankfurt will see the prototype, while the manufacturer hopes to launch the first production models next year.

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