Escaped wallaby sparks warning

An escaped wallaby has put motorists on the alert near a children's zoo in Gloucestershire amid fears that it might cause an accident.

It bounded off the range at the Cattle Country adventure park in Berkeley, and is described as being "the same height as a dining-room chair".

The brown and white wallaby, a sort of miniature kangaroo, was spotted hopping across the road near the Newport Towers Hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Henly Pane, of Cattle Country, said: "We don't really know why he escaped. He's obviously jumped the fence or found a hole somewhere. He's very quiet and not at all aggressive. I just fear he'll be knocked over on the busy A38 if we don't find him soon."

Park manager Ellen Sealey said: "Our main concern is that he will be involved in an accident. The RSPCA have said there are some running around in the wild anyway, but you don't see many wallabies in Berkeley."

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