Enthusiasts celebrate Atalanta

The new Atalanta Sports Tourer revives a design that was launched exactly 75 years ago on March 5, 1937.

The new sports car was cleverly unfolded to the public on the same date this year, celebrating its existence at the Royal Automobile Club.

The celebratory model is the result of a partnership between Staffordshire-based motoring enthusiast, Martyn Corfield and Cheshire based restorer Trevor Farrington.

John Surtees OBE, the only World Champion on both two and four wheels, was very pleased with the car.

He said: "It is nice to see that enthusiasts still exist and are willing to put their heart and resources into such a project as the Atalanta."

The new Atalanta incorporates modern technology that enhances its performance but it still has the old tall, narrow tyres and 85 percent of components are original Atalanta designed.

Corfield added: "Atalanta is about style, innovation and performance."

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