Employees opt for green motoring

Office workers are becoming more energy conscious and choosing to be green motorists, a new survey has revealed.

A sweeping 88% of professionals questioned in the LeasePlan UK survey said that level of C02 emissions was an important factor when deciding on a company car.

Younger employees are also concentrating on reducing their carbon footprint as 77% of workers under 35 said they are more concerned now than they were a year ago.

LeasePlan UK managing director David Brennan said: "Doing business in today's carbon-conscious environment means adopting methods that take drivers' views into account. There is no doubt that driver concern over CO2 levels will only increase in time.

"All leasing companies need to continue to develop meaningful green initiatives that will meet the demands of business to reduce cost and carbon footprint."

Another poll by Barclaycard Commercial said that financial circumstances had inadvertently contributed more to businesses being greener, than environmental policies. The survey revealed three in five bosses who expect less travel this year predict that to be as a result of cost issues, with just 1% following environmental policies.

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