Embassies pay £40,000 parking fines

The embassies of Kazakhstan and Nigeria have repaid parking fines worth more than £40,000 incurred by their diplomats in central London, a council has said.

Kazakhstan, the worst offender, paid £37,160 for outstanding fines from 627 parking tickets clocked up by its diplomats last year, whereas the Nigerian Embassy had to pay £3,450 for clocking up 78 parking tickets, according to Westminster Council.

The other outstanding offenders are the embassies of China, which owes £19,520 for 179 tickets clocked up last year, and Turkey, with £15,200 from 146 tickets.

The US, France and Germany are among the other countries whose embassies have not paid London parking fines yet.

"It's time these diplomats started to respect the rules of the road in the UK, and stopped thinking they can do what they like at the expense of our taxpayers," said Lee Rowley, the council's cabinet member for parking.

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