Electric vehicles need consensus

The growth of the electric vehicles market is being hindered by a lack of consensus over standards, according to an automobile trade association.

In a bleak warning, ACEA, the trade association for European car manufacturers, said that sales of electric vehicles will not take off until the sector agrees on common ground over plugs and sockets.

Urging the Europe-wide sector to work together, ACEA has called for infrastructure standards to be in place by 2017.

The rolling out of electric vehicles would benefit motorists also, as EVs often qualify for free road tax and cheapercar insurance.

A Brighton-based recharging point manufacturer has echoed ACEA by calling for agreement, but said the industry must come to one immediately.

"While consensus from car manufacturers is both necessary and very welcome, the proposed timescales for implementation need to be much shorter," said Calvey Taylor-Haw, Managing Director of Elektromotive.

"This could be too little, too late. We have a range of EVs on the market right now, and many more are due next year. In order to give people across Europe sufficient confidence in the EV market so that they will actually buy these vehicles, we need widespread agreement on standards - right now."

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