Electric vehicle project across UK

A national commitment to rolling out electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities to most Waitrose car parks has been announced.

In the biggest commitment of its type by a UK superstore, Waitrose and POLAR announced the move to allow customers of the chain in up to 150 stores to have electric vehicle charging facilities access by early 2013.

Car insurance and breakdown cover companies are bound to be examining the progress of the scheme to see how such a large project affects the charges they set.

The initiative begins with four bays each at its Eastbourne, Chichester and Wimborne stores in the coming weeks. The scheme will ensure that the growing number of electric vehicles can be served.

The superstore can link up to a national infrastructure with the POLAR scheme in that charging points will be provided at home, the office and at other public and commercial amenities.

Diana Hunter, director of store development at Waitrose, said the vast majority of points are in London at the moment so with a nationwide roll-out Waitrose can play an important part in encouraging shoppers to choose an electric powered car, she said.

Ms Hunter added: "The POLAR network will bring a radical change in motoring and Waitrose is proud to be able to play a part in supporting this change."

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