Electric taxis 'will cut pollution'

London could save up to 4,000 tonnes of CO2 every week if all its black cabs went electric, according to a study.

The emission reduction would be three times this amount if all private hire taxis or minicabs also switched to electricity at the same time as Hackney carriages, according to organisers of the green motoring event EcoVelocity.

Their study suggests if the iconic London taxi and the minicab go all-electric, air pollution in the city will nearly halve.

Hackney carriages account for 16% of air pollution in the capital, claimed the report. The findings are based on the CO2 output and distance covered by London-registered cabs.

Road traffic is responsible for about 80% of the emissions in the city centre and black cabs make up a fifth of this, it said.

Manufacturer Manganese Bronze says it has plans for an all-electric version of the taxi in the future.

However, the current range limitations of electric cars pose problems because many cab drivers say they clock up to 150 miles every day.

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