Electric mini trial seeks drivers

"Green" drivers are being sought to test drive the UK's first electric mini as part of a ground-breaking trial.

The MINI E project has reached its second phase and 20 drivers will be chosen to lease the two-seater car for six months.

The first phase saw 20 motorists get behind the wheel of the new car in December 2009. They will return them in June this year.

People living between Andover, Oxford and West London will be able to apply online to take part. The second trial will start later this year in September.

Southern Electric will install a free home charging point for each car, as well as a network of public charging points, so the cars can be "topped up" while drivers are out and about. The car can also be charged from a standard three pin socket.

The monthly lease fee will be £330 a month, including VAT, insurance and maintenance.

Thanks to the consortium being awarded part of a £25m fund by the British Government's Technology Strategy Board, this is £220 less than the standard monthly lease for this type of high-tech car.

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