Electric four-door hits the roads

Ecologically conscious motorists now have the chance to put their money where their mouths are after the country's first four-seater electric car was launched on to UK roads.

The 60mph vehicle, called the Citroen C1 ev'ie, has a range of 60 to 70 miles and will set purchasers back £16,850.

The car is based on the Citroen C1 and made in Bedfordshire by the Electric Car Corporation (ECC). It can be fully charged in six to seven hours from a domestic 13-amp socket at a cost of around 90p.

Citroen UK managing director Xavier Duchemin said: "We are committed to providing greener alternatives for motorists and are delighted to be supplying ECC with C1s for this exciting project."

ECC believes the vehicle will make an ideal city car for either professional or domestic use, and the company expects to produce around 500 C1 ev'ies over the next 12 months, rising to between 2,000 and 4,000 units in 2010 depending on demand and government support.

ECC chief executive David Martell said: "The key to building a successful electric car is an efficient battery management system. ECC has developed an advanced and sophisticated system, which when coupled with regenerative braking, can provide the driver with much greater range and better performance."

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