Electric car distributor goes bust

An electric car distributor has gone into administration after sales of the vehicles fell this year.

The Nice Car Company was set up in 2006 and sold an all-electric version of the French-made Aixam Mega.

Its plans to introduce a new range of models this year, including a two-seater and an MPV, were scrapped after sales fell to just one car a week.

According to figures obtained by cleangreencars.co.uk, 156 electric cars were sold from January to October, compared with 374 for the same period last year.

Richard Bremner, editor of cleangreencars.co.uk. said: "While volumes are still tiny, any drop in electric car sales will come as a shock to most people.

"Perhaps the market for quirky electric vehicles like the Mega City and G-Wiz have had their day. Buyers could be holding off for cars from mainstream manufacturers, although they may still have years to wait before mass production is a reality."

There are currently 1,100 all-electric cars in the UK, with the majority of them owned by motorists in London.

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