Election winners must improve roads

Election winners must improve roads

Motorists want May's general election victors to deliver continued fuel duty freezes and an end to the pothole problem.

That's the conclusion of a new RAC Foundation survey which calls on the incoming government to honour both wishes as a matter of priority.

Potholes have remained a huge problem throughout this Government's lifetime - while the Foundation's poll of 2,040 people found that rail prices, traffic jams and overcrowded trains are the other key transport priorities.

The condition of the roads was, worryingly, a note of similar importance five years ago in a corresponding survey undertaken before the last general election.

Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: "Five years on and the poor state of the roads remains the number one concern among voters.

"It would be a mistake if politicians thought the cost of filling up has gone away as an issue. In the last few weeks oil prices have rebounded and this has a significant and immediate impact on motorists' pockets."

Professor Glaister added: "On some big issues the politicians seem to be out of touch with the public."

The group also asked 101 politicians - 50 MPs and 51 candidates fighting for winnable seats - about their own prime concerns on transport. They appeared far more worried about train issues than car costs.

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