Edinburgh tram build to continue

Edinburgh councillors have voted to partly complete the delayed and controversial tram project in the Scottish capital city.

During a full council meeting to debate the options available, the decision was made to take the route from Edinburgh Airport through to St Andrew Square.

Under alternative plans the trams could have either been scrapped completely at an estimated cost of £750 million or the troubled scheme could have been completed in full.

Another option was to complete the tram project up to Haymarket in the city's west end at a cost of £700 million.

But after a five-hour debate the decision was made to complete the project up to St Andrew Square for £770 million.

Original estimates said it would cost £545 million to complete the line from Edinburgh Airport to Newhaven.

Work on the project has been persistently hampered by delays, overspend and a dispute between contractors Bilfinger Berger and tram company Tie.

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