EcoRoute to save on driving costs

Satellite navigation company Garmin is about to release a free software update that adds new features to its personal navigation devices aimed at helping drivers save money and fuel.

The ecoRoute software, which will be available to download from February, will provide detailed fuel and mileage expense reports, information on CO2 emissions, economical route-planning, and tips on how to improve driving to become more environmentally friendly.

Clive Taylor, director of products and marketing at Garmin, said: "Many of the biggest challenges currently facing people across Europe involve the economy and the environment.

"Using ecoRoute on your Garmin nuvi helps you to be a smarter driver at a time when everyone is trying to make their salaries and fuel tanks go the extra mile."

The new software also includes a "Driving Challenge" option, which gives live continuous feedback on how economically the motorist is driving. At the end of the journey an overall score is shown, along with driving tips on how to improve the score, save on fuel costs, reduce the vehicle's carbon foot print and help the environment.

Garmin's website gives full details of which nuvi models are compatible with ecoRoute.

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