Economising drivers run out of fuel

Motorists trying to economise in the face of ever-increasing petrol prices are finding themselves running out of fuel on a regular basis, new research has revealed.

One in five motorists (20%) say they can no longer afford to fill their tanks up to the brim, and many are "driving on empty", the survey found.

Some 340,000 drivers have suffered a breakdown in the last three months as a direct result of running out of fuel - 10% more than the same period last year. Meanwhile, 59% of drivers have allowed their fuel level to fall so low the warning light has come on.

Single parents and young professionals are the ones most likely to avoid completely filling up at the pumps.

One in four of the 1,467 drivers polled said they drove their car on hardly any fuel at least once a month and 8% admitted driving close to empty all the time.

Few drivers knew how much fuel it took to run their car, with only 4% correctly estimating that £10 worth of fuel will allow the average car to drive 100-110 miles.

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