Eco-driving workshop for police

Frontline staff in emergency services across Yorkshire and the Humber will be taught a new eco-friendly way of driving, it has been revealed.

Fire, police, ambulance and army personnel will be taught how to improve their driving skills at an event held by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

They will then take part in an eco-driving challenge, where they will use vehicles fitted with telemetry systems to show the fuel-efficiency of their driving habits as well as the impact on the environment.

Representatives from police and fire services from across the county will join Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff at the event.

Several bicycle suppliers, car manufacturers and other 'green' companies will be also be showcasing their eco-friendly technologies at the event.

The organisations that are taking part are Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, North Yorkshire Police, Humberside Police, West Yorkshire Police, Catterick Garrison and York Garrison.

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