Eco-car fuelled by chocolate waste

A chocolate-powered biodegradable car could be one of the world's fastest green fuel vehicles, its creators hope.

Scientists from the University of Warwick believe their design could reach speeds of 145mph and give manufacturers ideas about how to build more ecologically-friendly vehicles.

The car runs on a biofuel that uses vegetable oils and waste from chocolate factories. Built to Formula 3 specifications in size, weight, and performance, the vehicle's steering wheel is made out of plant-based fibres derived from carrots and other root vegetables, while the seat is built of flax fibre and soybean oil foam. The body is also made of plant fibres.

The team will be testing their theories on a racetrack in a few weeks' time. They have already taken the bio-car to speeds of 60mph and are preparing final adjustments to the engine before driving it at top speed.

Warwick's project manager, James Meredith, said the design is proof that it is possible to build a fast, efficient, environmentally-friendly car.

The car, named the WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car, will go on display at several races including the European Grand Prix and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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