E-type Challenge at Silverstone

This year's Silverstone Classic race will once again hold the Jaguar E-type Challenge.

The challenge consists of two rounds of races comprising of the E-type Jaguar and was first held last year to celebrate the 50th birthday of the sportscar.

Fans from Jaguar clubs around the globe chose to celebrate the car's golden anniversary by holding the challenge, which became one of the most popular attractions at the 2011 Silverstone Classic.

The Silverstone Classic comprises of 24 races with some of the finest international racing cars taking part and will be held from 20 to 22 July.

Also competing will be over 1000 cars showcasing racing heritage with some entries first hitting the road over eight decades ago.

Of particular note is the finest Formula One GT saloon, as well as cars that have competed in Le Mans over the past decades.

Nick Wigley, event organiser, said: "With grids of more than 50 competition-prepared E-types, the two Jaguar races were among last summer's highlights - that's why we are so delighted to welcome back the Jaguar E-type Challenge to the Silverstone Classic in July,"