Drug driving campaign launched

A warning over the dangers of driving after taking drugs will feature in a new £2.3 million advertising campaign in England and Wales.

Motorists will be reminded that police can spot the telltale signs of drug use, such as enlarged pupils, if they are pulled over. The advertisement says anyone caught driving after using drugs faces the same penalties as motorists caught over the alcohol limit.

One in five drivers killed in road accidents may have an impairing drug in their systems, according to the Department for Transport. One in 10 young drivers admitted they had been under the influence of drugs while driving, according to the department's research.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis, who commented that the money for the campaign would be justified if it reduced the number of deaths, said: "Whereas with drink driving people accept that it is dangerous - it is a big social stigma, everyone knows that the law will come down hard on you and that you can kill - with drugs it isn't the same."

People convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs face a minimum 12-month driving ban, a large fine and a criminal record.

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