Drug-drivers 'need more support'

Drug-drivers 'need more support'

More needs to be done to help motorists caught driving under the influence of Class A drugs overcome their addiction, an MP has said.

A cheap car insurance quote is difficult to come by for motorists who have been caught drug-driving.

But this is usually the least of their worries as MP Graham Evans says a loophole in the law currently prevents these drivers from receiving the support they require to tackle their drug misuse problems.

The Conservative MP, who is a former special constable, said estimates indicate there are 200 deaths on Britain's roads each year caused by drug-driving, but said offending drivers currently only receive the help they need if they appear in court.

He said this conflicts with the methodology used to help people who have committed burglary or theft overcome their dependency on certain Class A drugs.

These people are sent to undergo assessments aimed at identifying the best ways to help them conquer their addiction.

He told MPs: "If we can work with the individual or wider psychological, physical or lifestyle problems, as well as their substance misuse we could help prevent further offending.

"However, unless they appear in court there is currently no mechanism to direct drug-drivers towards the necessary healthcare and support services that can help individuals overcome their drug misuse."

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